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Alcohol Drug Rehabilitation.

Clear Vision Recovery multiple services in drug addiction, dual diagnosis, inpatient, out patient, MAT and drug services. We specialize in treating anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and psychosis when it is associated with drug abuse. We are very proud that in surveying our clients, more than 95% say they would recommend Clear Vision Recovery to a friend or family member.


Following a brief, confidential phone screening, you may have the opportunity to make an appointment with an assessment specialist. For more information about chemical dependency treatment services, please call 951-787-0000.

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Alcohol Drug Rehabilitation

Anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia drug abuse treatment.

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At Clear Vision Recovery, we don’t blame you for your addiction. We’re here to work with you and your family as you recover and begin to build your new life. We help people who are struggling with alcohol and drug problems to begin the lifelong process of recovery. Our goal is to help you achieve a lasting recovery and a full life without drugs and alcohol.

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Our trusted and confidential drug and alcohol rehab treatment programs provide an advanced approach to patient care and the utmost compassion and professionalism for all types of addiction or mental health disorder. We want to make sure you are comfortable during this life-changing process.

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Our Mission

It is a priority for us that our life-changing drug and alcohol treatment be available to the people who need it. Our counselors are invested in your well-being and are ready around-the-clock to guide you or a trusted friend or family member through the initial steps of overcoming drug or alcohol addiction.

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